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Pet Mini Safe Trimmer

Pet Mini Safe Trimmer

Обычная цена $195.00
Обычная цена Цена со скидкой $195.00
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Are you afraid to trim your pet's hard to reach places? Worry no more

Everyone loves the Mini Trimmer for safe, precise, and fast results!

Perfect for all dogs, cats and more. Finally, anxiety free grooming! 

Never cut your pet’s skin again: Mini safety blade design prevents accidents as they never come in contact with the skin.  Now you can get into small spaces to trim between the paws, around the eyes, ears and rump like a Pro! 

Save time and money: Skip trips to the groomers and save hundreds of dollars a year when you can easily do a professional mini-trim in all those sensitive areas, in the comfort of your own home.

Easy to use:  Eliminates clumsy cords getting in the way of your precision trimming.  Allows for plenty of time to groom all your pets. 
Fits in your hand: Small non-slip handle with ergonomic design allows you to easily maneuver the trimmer around all of those sensitive places. 
low vibration 

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Mini Trimmer 


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Material: ABS plastic

Power: 6.5W

Size: 160*27MM

Package size: 19.4*13.8*4.7CM

Rotational speed: 4500RPM

Battery: 1200 aluminum battery 

Service time: about 1.5 hours when fully charged

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